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Thousands Transformed, You Next: 42 Days to Your Success Story!

This is no ordinary gym, this is a world class transformation coaching facility.

At Crew42, Our commitment goes beyond just fitness; we're on a mission to facilitate the most incredible body and soul transformations.

Our 42-Day Challenge is designed to redefine your body and mindset, creating transformations that last a lifetime. Beyond results, we're dedicated to helping as many individuals as possible discover the path to sustained well-being. Join us in achieving lasting change, where every success story is a testament to our shared commitment to transformative, lifelong results.

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Work on a one-to-one basis with one of our body transformation specialists.


Our Group personal training allows you to work with a personal trainer in a small group setting.


Come along and do your own thing.

Our Coaches

Our Personal Trainers are the driving force behind your success-Highly skilled, experienced, and dedicated to sculpting your fitness journey with expertise and passion.


Personal Trainer & Owner


Personal Trainer & Owner


Personal Trainer


Personal Trainer


Personal Trainer

Thousands Transformed, You Next:

42 Days to Your Success Story!



"The best gym in Liverpool! Sessions are super fun and really well structured as well as being varied. The Crew42 team are awesome, and the gym is amazing and so affordable. If you are looking for a Gym in Liverpool, look no further because Crew42 is where you need to be 😁"



"Training at Crew42 has got me in the best shape I've ever been well in time for my 40th Birthday. After years of training I was in need of extra support and guidance and ultimately the accountability to keep pushing me out of my comfort zone. 1000% would recommend to anyone who wants to get life changing results."



"The only gym I have ever felt comfortable in. I would never have gone into a gym and done my own workouts but after personal training at Crew42 I am now confident enough to use the open gym and feel happy that I am doing all the exercises with proper form and pushing myself hard enough"

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